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Lithography is a young technique. It is 400 years younger than the European woodcut. Michael Gerecht from Austria tried to prepare stone for printing (etching on stone tests and efforts) in 1430. He wanted to achieve convex printing matrix so we had to wait long time for printing to be invented. Lithography is unusual because printing and nonprinting surfaces are on the same surface. It is a revolutionary printing method. So far only concave printing methods (mezzotint, dry point method, copper engraving and others) and convex printing methods (linocut, woodcut) were developed.

In 1798 Aloys Senefelder invented lithography (printing and not printing surfaces are on the same expanse). It is due to chemical processes which are held during preparation of the printing press. Drawing on the lithographic stone is easy because it is similar to drawing on the sheet of paper. Lithography is a very picturesque method because you can use all colors; imitate painting and graphic methods except relief.